2.2.0.beta6 and Design Challenges


Discourse 2.2.0.beta6

The Discourse team continues to improve security in the software with this release, most notably with a Content Security Policy to help mitigate Cross Site Scripting attacks.

On the performance front, this release features the ability to lazy load images (load as a user scrolls down the page versus all up front), which increases the performance of pages with many image assets.

Lastly, 2.2.0.beta6 brings full-height swipe menus on mobile. Due to limitations on iOS, only Android gets the ability to open these menus from a swipe, but both platforms can close the menus via swiping.

Theme Component: Mobile Title Switch Component

Version 2.2.0.beta5 added the title and category for topics in the mobile header, but this change was received with mixed feelings. This theme component allows users the ability to turn off the header contents change and revert to the old logo style.

Community Use: Design Challenges

Sketchfab uses Discourse to host design contests for their members, and their community manager Bart breaks down their thought processes on how to make this happen. It’s an interesting read for those interested in finding new ways to engage their communities.

What Version of Discourse Am I On?

Ever wondered what version of Discourse you’re running? Jeff Atwood (codinghorror) breaks down how to find out, down to the exact commit.