A Color Scheme Contest!


Design challenge

I am not a designer. And I have never claimed to be one. So it’s fascinating to see what people can come up with. Be sure to get your submissions in!

Making avatars bigger

I see this request on occasion. The client wants to increase the size of the avatars on their site but they tend to go blurry once you do so. There’s now a how to discussing how to pull this off the right way.

Swarm Conference 2018?

The Discourse team is sponsoring a couple conferences this year and one of those is the Swarm Conference in Melbourne, Australia. As such, they have some free tickets. So if you’re interested, be sure to take Sarah Hawk up on the offer.


I just did. I have not spent much time on it. Maybe, I will go back and work on it before sharing the theme. My request to theme creators is still to be approved :slight_smile:


Nice! :tada:

It can sometimes take 24 hours for those steps to be completed as there’s usually an individual in charge of it as opposed to the whole team.


Sam approved my request last day :slight_smile: