A Flurry of Theme Components


Discourse 2.3.0.beta4

Two bigger new features in 2.3.0.beta4:

  • Discourse now has the ability to watch, track, or mute topics by email. All you have to do is reply to a notification email with the word watch, track, or mute.
  • Topics from new users or users who haven’t posted in a long time will now have a call-out at the top showing other users.


Does your community ever have really long topics (especially for how-tos or explainers)? This theme component automatically creates a table of contents based upon the heading levels used in the post to make the topic easier to navigate.

Discourse Topic Author

This theme component adjust the /latest page topic list to show just the avatar of the topic author instead of the top contributors.

Defer Topic Button

Ever read a topic you wish to come back to, but weren’t sure how? Bookmarking topics is one way to handle this, but can involve many steps. This theme component creates a Defer button at the bottom of the topic to mark it unread for later. Very handy!

Blog Post Styling

One request floating around the Discourse community for a while is the ability to use Discourse as a blogging platform. This theme component takes us one step further by allowing one category’s topics to be styled as blog posts.