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Discourse 2.2.0.beta8

The big change here – Ember (the front end JavaScript framework for Discourse) has been updated to version 3.5.

From the Meta topic:

We have upgraded Ember, our JavaScript framework, from version 2.14 to 3.5. Open a #support ticket here on Meta if you experience any unexpected issue on themes or plugins. Remember you can access /safe-mode to deactivate plugins/themes and help identify the source of the issue.

Along with the Ember upgrade comes more performance tweaks and improvements.

Theme Component: Change Size/Shape of Avatars

A fairly straightforward addition, this theme component allows admins to change the size and shape of user avatars inside the topic and the site header. Just another of the many ways Discourse can be customized.

Differentiating Admin & Moderator Shield Icons

Over the last few days, there has been an ongoing discussion on Discourse Meta about how admins and moderators are differentiated in Discourse. Currently, the two are delineated with a shield icon (1 for moderator, 2 for admin). If you have an opinion or idea how to make this better, jump into the discussion.

Convincing Admins to Use Discourse

A major hallmark of the Discourse user community is helpful interaction. This topic is a great showcase, where a younger community owner wants some feedback on how to help convince his site admin to use Discourse. There’s great information in this topic about how to bootstrap a new community or migrate from a different platform as well.