A new round of codenames


New 2.x.x codenames

With the stable version of 2.0 released, the 1.x codenames are now complete. Which means new ones need determined! Jeff has started the list and given us a pretty sweet rundown of the next round as well as the rationale behind it.

Global Discourse meetups

This is a great idea that came up in the last week. There’s now a place (here) to share when you’re traveling to a place where others may be and discuss Discourse. I’ll definitely be using this in the future.

Recognizing translators

This is something I think is often taken for granted by many. But there are quite a few folks who spend a fair amount of time translating the UI of Discourse (and its plugins) into other languages. It’s not a simple task in most cases so it’s awesome to see this group being recognized.

Should you use social logins?

This is an interesting question. And it’s definitely not one to take lightly, either.

Using Digital Ocean Block Storage

It’s great to see a formal how-to on this. I’ve seen a number of cases where the storage on a droplet is simply too small while the CPU and such are just fine. So adding block storage and moving uploads and backups can really help.

Which plugins can I use?

This is a common question I hear on a weekly basis. “Which plugins can I use on the Discourse hosted plans?” Here’s an easy answer to that question: