Changes to Discourse Backups


Backup Location Changes

In a recent release, Discourse changed the way backup storage functions. Instead of backing up locally and syncing to a remote storage location like Amazon S3, site admins are now given the choice of local backup storage or Amazon S3.

The new structure will make it easier for plugin authors to add new remote backup locations as well.

Theme Component: Plugin Outlets

Knowing the location of plugin outlets in the Discourse front end is a large part of developing on Discourse. This theme component shows all the outlet locations in the Discourse GUI. Thanks to Richard at Discourse Hosting for developing it.

Progressive Web App Changes

Lately there’s been a lot of talk about the functionality of Discourse as a progressive web app on iOS. It’s a challenging subject as iOS doesn’t allow actions like swiping left to right to go back in a PWA. Discourse originally disabled the fullscreen PWA feature on iOS because of this issue, but recently made it a hidden site setting admins can now enable if so desired.