Discourse 2.0.0.beta10 and the new admin dashboard


Discourse 2.0.0.beta10

The new beta is here and there are a handful of really cool features added to Discourse that a number of us have wanted for a long time. And if you’re wondering, the stable version of 2.0 has a planned release of late May.

A new admin dashboard

This is the product of Sarah Hawk’s drive to increase the understanding of your community’s health via statistics and graphs on the admin Dashboard. And I must say from personal use that it really does tell a much better story than the previous charts of numbers. Well done, team! :facepunch:

Hiding core-shipped plugins

Discourse is now hiding plugins on the Plugins page (/admin/plugins) that come with a standard installation. This makes a lot of sense as these are basically core features of Discourse.

Theme for changing like icon

This is a pretty common request amongst ProCourse clients. So it’s nice to be able to point users to a theme that anyone can install and make the edit.

Discourse hacked

Jeff Atwood posted an interesting article on Meta about a pretty advanced method of hacking Discourse. And in true Discourse fashion, it has sparked a conversation about how to mitigate such an attack for others in the future.

Restricting category access

Roughly two out of every three ProCourse clients ask about this in some way. “How do I give special access to my special members?” Well, there’s finally an FAQ on that exact topic. :+1:

Fair Play Alliance

Discourse has officially joined the Fair Play Alliance. As FPA says on their site:

We envision a world where games are free of harassment, discrimination, and abuse, and where players can express themselves through play.


Awesome, can’t wait to try the new admin dashboard :heart_eyes:


The new admin dashboard is by far my favorite thing of the .beta10 release. I love being able to have a quick glance at the health of my forum with simple graphs instead of the tables that are used in previous versions.


Glad to hear that’s it’s adding value. Let me know if you have other feedback or ideas. The medium term roadmap is to build a widget-based dashboard so that people can customise to see what they like.