Discourse BioBook


Originally published at: https://procourse.co/portfolio/discourse-biobook/

Talk about a new take on the user directory. This project was commissioned as part of a Discourse build to help users find and connect with each other. It takes the concept of a user card that can be found by clicking on a users avatar and expands it into the list of users on…


I was reading through the portfolio on the ProCourse Website and the one project that particularly stuck out to me was Discourse Biobook.

Based on the reading and the previews, I think it gives a more community-like feel to the communities that have it installed. I like that you can view the user card for each user and it gives an easier opportunity for learning about other other users and connecting with them. I would like to install the theme component on my discourse instance; is there a link to its repository availble?


This is a fresh project that was just completed but it DOES have plans of being made available. Right now it’s in the client’s hands to share this theme. So keep an eye out for it on Meta. :wink: