Discourse Hosting Open Source Projects for Free


Free Hosting for Open Source Projects

Discourse is re-launching its free hosting for open source projects. The program, previously launched in 2016, includes a few changes:

  • All OSS projects are eligible
  • No repository star requirement
  • Sites will live on the *.discourse.group domain

Improved Inline Search in 2.2 beta

Inline search improves in the 2.2 beta with an improved layout, and now also matches categories, tags, and users (in addition to topics).

Recently Used Devices

A common security feature among larger web apps is the ability to see devices most recently logged into your account and the capability to log out any or all of those devices. The 2.2 beta implements this feature on the user preferences page.

iOS 12 & Discourse App Issues

If you’ve been experiencing any issues with the Discourse iOS app after the iOS 12 and 12.1 updates, the Discourse team is hard at work to fix them. This topic covers a number of the reported issues.

GDPR Clarifications

Since GDPR passed, forum admins and owners need to understand what the requirements are for handling user data. This topic is a reminder of that responsibility and digs into some of the details of what’s those requirements may be in regard to Discourse.