First-Time Poster Notices


Post Notices for First-Time and Returning Users

In Discourse, it’s not always easy to tell who is a new user and who is a veteran. This addition to core now shows a small banner above posts by a first-time poster or a user who ha isn’t posted for a long time (default is 120 days).

Theme Component: Scrollable Post Content

This theme component grants users the ability to embed scrollable blocks of content in posts.

Theme Component: Dark Mode Switch

Have a Mac and run it in dark mode all the time? This theme component detects Dark Mode in Safari and loads a dark theme for Discourse automatically.

How to Encourage Users to Add Avatars

Some communities desire the authenticity of all their users having profile photos. This is a helpful discussion on ways to help encourage users to add avatars in Discourse communities.

Disable Accidental Code Formatting

Discourse has a built-in ability to format text as code using either four spaces at the beginning of a line or text wrapped in backticks. For forums who don’t need code formatting, it can still be easy to accidentally format text as such. This topic details how to mitigate accidental code formatting.