Intercom Integration, Full Quotes, and 2.2 Stable Release Date



A new beta! The main feature here: a new dashboard graph showing site activity.

Remove Full Quotes from Direct Replies

In 2.2.0.beta6, Discourse released a feature where full post quotes are removed if they immediately follow the quoted post. In 2.2.0.beta8, site admins now have the option to turn this feature off via the remove full quote site setting.

Intercom Integration

Intercom Messenger is a way for users to interact with a customer service team via a chat window. This plugin brings Intercom integration to Discourse.

First Time User Callout

In this particular post, codinghorror shows that new users on a Discourse forum are shown with a light grey username, which is a nice, subtle design touch.

Version 2.2

For those of you who are on the stable branch of Discourse releases, v2.2 is slated to drop at the end of January. See this topic for a list of all the new features.