Introducing ProCourse Butler


ProCourse Butler

For the last few months, we at ProCourse have been working hard on a new product called ProCourse Butler. Essentially, Butler is assisted hosting for anyone who wants (or needs) to self-host Discourse, but doesn’t want to fuss with their server and/or administrating Discourse.

Under Butler, ProCourse will handle everything except the actual community management itself. So that means theme installations, plugin installations, regular Discourse updates, server upgrades, and general Q&A go through the ProCourse team of Discourse experts.

If this fits your Discourse community needs, give us a shout at


Beta 10 is out with the 2.2 major release coming soon! Not many major features in this one.

Theme Component: Category Sidebar

This theme component takes a topic and displays it as a sidebar in a category. This could be helpful if you have information you need everyone to see when they visit a particular category.

News Plugin, Minima Theme, and More Theme Components