Introducing ProCourse Memberships


We’ve been hard at work making updates to the ProCourse Memberships plugin (formerly Discourse League).

ProCourse Memberships now includes Stripe and PayPal for payment gateways in addition to Braintree.

We’ve also completely removed any license key restrictions. It is 100% free and open source with no limitations.

Discourse 2.2.0.beta4 Release

In this beta release of Discourse, there are quite a few new improvements including showing how accurate users are at flagging content, notifying users of suspicious logins, a full screen composer mode, and more.

Theme Component: Alternative Voting Category Style

Using the voting plugin and wanting to change up the styles of the voting button? This theme component creates a compact voting button with a more prominent vote count and signifies to a user they have already voted on a topic.

Font Awesome 5 and SVG Icons

For any Discourse developers using Font Awesome icons in templates or themes, Discourse announced a major change to Font Awesome version 5 using SVG icons. This is a breaking change so be sure to read up on the requirements and update your code.


Great, i want this on my site :wink:
Please contact me about this. I allready send an email, did you receive that ?


If you sent an email to, our client team will follow up with you soon.