Loads of new plugins and theme components


Pwned Passwords Validator

You can’t watch a developer feed of any kind for very long without hearing about another company being hacked. That’s why the Pwned Passwords database was pulled together, to help us see if our passwords are still secure or not. Take it a step further with this plugin, and you can now check your users new passwords against this database and prevent them from using insecure passwords.

CodeFund in the official ads plugin

Thanks to Eric Berry there is now the ability to use CodeFund as a way to monetize your forum. It’s been added to the official plugin as an option that you can read more about here.

Whispered files

Here’s an interesting new plugin by Jordan. It takes any files uploaded to a topic and moves them to a staff whisper reply. That way the file isn’t accessible to the general public but staff can still access it. I can see this being especially useful in tech support communities.

LazyLoad images

This is a theme component by Joe of the Discourse team that prevents images outside the viewport from loading until they’re visible by the user. This is great for helping with load speeds at the onset.

YouTube Player

Also by Joe is this theme component that adds a persistent YouTube player to your Discourse. So if your community likes background music or does live videos, this may be the thing for you.

Emoji in your username?

Ever wanted an emoji in front of your username or the admins usernames? Now you can!