Membership Plugin causes failed rebuilds

This seems to have happened somewhere in the last 4 Months as today (after 4 months) I was upgrading one of my discourse installs for a customer, Discourse is built against tests-passed so it seems like something in core has changed that is causing builds to fail.


I agree. Found this bug also.

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Was the solution found by anyone? We are getting

Gem::ConflictError: Unable to activate stripe-3.28.0, because faraday-1.0.1 conflicts with faraday (~> 0.10)

Memberships requires gem 'stripe', '3.28.0', which in turns requires the faraday ~> 0.10.

It appears Discourse now requires the 1.0.1 shown.

Is Membership compatible with > Stripe 5.0, which appears to have removed the Faraday dependency?

UPDATE: Tried to require Stripe 5.0.1 (+ the 1/16/20 commit) and got:

> TypeError: Discourse.Route is undefined
> Url:
> Line: 1
> Column: 1405
> Window Location:

Can you offer any direction at all?

Plugin requires an overhaul. It cannot be used in it’s given state. We will either have to fix it or sponsor someone to fix it for us.

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