New Post Review Queue


Discourse 2.3.0.beta6

In this beta release of Discourse, the Discourse team added new features, including:
- A page to manage all group membership requests
- User and group cards on mobile
- Additional delivery options for the email digest
- Category search prioritization
- … and more!

Unformatted Code Detector

This theme component looks for unformatted code in a new post and gives the user a warning to format it using the appropriate syntax. This is great for any development-centered communities out there or anywhere code is regularly shared.

Restrict Uploads

This simple theme component disables the ability to upload files for users under a certain trust level.

Review Queue

Just last week, communities running on the tests-passed branch of Discourse now have a new post review queue for flagged posts and topics. If you’re testing out this feature, the Discourse team would appreciate any feedback you have.