ProCourse goes live, GDPR, and a new stable release


Introducing ProCourse :procourse:

Obviously, I’m biased on this one. It’ s definitely the most important news to happen since the last newsletter. :wink:

A new stable release - 2.0.0

It’s time to update for those on the stable branch of Discourse. You can see the full list of features here, but the core pieces that make it worth the upgrade are the new admin dashboard, closing polls automatically, requiring at least one tag, the ability to merge user accounts, and allowing themes to have settings.

A new plugin to help with GDPR

The Discourse team released a new plugin this week to help with getting confirmation and acceptance of policies. It’s a really interesting concept behind the plugin and can likely be used for RSVPs as well as privacy policies.

Different logos for different themes

This is one of the more common questions I see here at ProCourse. “Can I change the color of my logo for a dark theme?” We’ve typically added this to the custom themes we build, but now it’s even easier. Just install this theme component and you’re good to go.

Updates for wp-discourse

Displaying comments on WordPress that are linked to a Discourse topic is super common. And now there are more ways to configure this setup. You can now link to a Discourse topic without showing the replies. And one feature that I’ve wanted for a while (and even wrote a PR for) is the ability to link to existing topic to an existing post on WordPress.