ProCourse Support


Introducing ProCourse Support

This week, we launched a new service here at ProCourse: plugin support. If you use any of our free, open-source plugins, a ProCourse Support subscription gets you:
* Configuration and usage support for all ProCourse plugins
* The ability to vote on proposed features for ProCourse plugins
* Support for ProCourse in the development of new plugins and features for existing plugins

2.2.0.beta5 Released

A smaller beta update this week — this update mostly focuses on enhancements to whitelisted embed CSS selectors, an ignored users report, and skipping sending emails to the .invalid top-level domain.

Discourse Solved Update — Breaking Change

The Discourse Solved plugin was recently updated to improve performance. This caused a conflict with a few other plugins. If you update your site and it comes up with an error message, you may need to remove the Solved plugin until other plugins you use are updated for compatibility.

Theme Component: Topic Status Filter

This theme component creates a dropdown to filter the topic list based upon open/closed status.