Set up Braintree Payment Gateway in ProCourse Memberships



So you’ve picked up the Memberships plugin and now you’re ready to set up your payment gateway with Braintree.

Set up the gateway

  1. On the Discourse side, make sure the memberships gateway site setting is set to Braintree.

  2. Go to the Braintree site and sign up for an account.

  3. It can take a few days for your account to be setup and put in place. So be patient.

  4. Once you have your BT login, go to Account > My User

    46 AM

  5. Scroll down to “API Keys, Tokenization Keys, Encryption Keys” and click on “View Authorizations”

  6. Under “API Keys”, click on “Generate New API Key”. It will create a new key in the table.

  7. Click on “View” under “Private Key”

    01 AM

  8. In a separate tab or window, open /admin/site_settings/category/all_results?filter=memberships%20braintree and copy the Public Key, Private Key, and Merchant ID into the site settings on the Discourse side.

  9. Back in Braintree, go to Settings > Webhooks and “Create New Webhook”.

  10. Set up the destination URL as You can check all the notification boxes but the only ones that are in use are those under the “Subscriptions” sub-heading.

  11. Make sure the switch for memberships go live is turned on and you’re set to take payments! :tada: :confetti_ball:

Set up a subscription plan

If you’re planning to do recurring payments for your Level, you’ll want to set a Braintree Plan to tie into the Memberships plugin.

  1. In the sidebar on the left towards the bottom, click on Plans.

    30 AM

  2. Click on “New” at the top and set up the details of your subscription plan. Make note of the “Plan ID” and copy that for the next step.

  3. Back in Discourse, go to Admin > Plugins > ProCourse Memberships > Levels and select the Level you’re setting up.

  4. Turn on the setting for “Recurring” and paste the “Plan ID” into the “Braintree Plan ID” setting for the Level and save it.

  5. That’s it! You’re set to go! :money_with_wings: