Sharing on Android, Patreon Creator Hosting, and Customizing Discobot


Lots of news in the Discourse world this week!

Sharing to Discourse via Android

Android users now have the ability in Chrome 71+ to share content from any app supporting sharing directly to any Discourse site. This topic details exactly how.

WP Discourse - Supports Block Editor

Wordpress released v5.0 last week, which includes a major change called the Block Editor. The new editor includes a different layout, meaning the Discourse topic creation menu is in a new spot, outlined here.

OpenID Authentication

Have you been waiting for official OpenID integration with Discourse? There’s now an official Discourse plugin for that. If you need assistance setting this up for your Discourse site, ProCourse can help.

Theme Component: Topic List Category Column

Recently, the category column in the topic list was removed to save space and increase usability. This theme component brings it back for those who are interested.

Free Hosting for Patreon Creators

Discourse already integrates tightly with Patreon, but now if you meet a few criteria, Patreon creators can host with Discourse for free.

Interface Nomenclature Guide

Ever wondered what part of the UI in Discourse is named? This interface nomenclature guide is the resource to help you learn just that.

Customizing Discobot

Discourse’s Narrative Bot, affectionately named Discobot, can be a helpful automation tool in onboarding new users to a community. This guide describes how to customize Discobot to fit your community’s branding and messaging needs.