Smart Mobile Headers, Theme Development, and Google Groups


Smart Mobile Header Now In Discourse Core

Discussed in a previous newsletter, the smart mobile header which shows the topic title and category in the header on mobile is now live in Discourse core.

Discourse Theme CLI

Editing and developing themes and theme components for Discourse is easy enough in the built-in code editor, but what if you want to use a desktop code editor like Sublime Text or VS Code or need to track your changes in a Git repo?

The Discourse team has a theme command-line interface which automatically syncs all changes from the theme code to any Discourse instance to which you have an admin API key.

This allows code to stay in a repository folder without needing to copy/paste code or push changes to a repo and pull into Discourse. In my experience, this tool increased my theme development speed by at least 1.5x.

Importing from Google Groups

Have an existing community in Google Groups you want to import into Discourse? The Discourse team has updated their guide on how to do this exact task. If this seems too daunting, we’d be happy to help.