The Discourse Year in Review


Plugin: Year in Review

The Discourse team has a fun way to look back on the activity of your forum over the last year via the Year in Review plugin. There are a number of data points covered, including most time reading, most topics created, most read topics, most liked, and quite a few more.

Take a look at the Meta forum’s year in review for an example.

2.2.0.beta7 Released

The newest release of Discourse brings some improvements to features released in earlier versions of 2.2, including a blurry preview of lazy loaded images, avatars in the scroll header of PMs, and the ability to move posts to a new or existing private message.

Plugin: Categories Sidebar

This plugin allows the ability to add categories as a sidebar to the topics list and any custom content you desire below.

Theme Component: Team Highlighting

If your team uses the whisper feature in private messages or has private team categories on your Discourse site, this theme component may help distinguish these from others to help prevent mistakes.