Two new betas & an AMA with codinghorror


Discourse 2.3.0.beta7

In 2.3.0.beta7, we have a new consolidated review queue, delegated authentication to be used with apps, the ability for users to delete their own topics, and more!

Discourse 2.3.0.beta8

But wait! We have another beta release — this one handles a cross-side scripting vulnerability in the composer.

Search Improvements

The Discourse team has been hard at work improving search in 2.3. The major new feature is the ability to prioritize (or de-prioritize) certain categories. This topic digs into all of the ways search has improved so far in in the 2.3 betas.

AMA With Jeff Atwood

Jeff Atwood (codinghorror) of Discourse did an “ask me anything” session yesterday on the HackerNoon community. It’s a fantastic read with discussions on everything from Discourse and programming to Jeff’s days at StackOverflow.