"Upgrade All", merging Discourses, trust levels, t-shirts, and MPU


Merge two Discourses

It’s not ready for production yet, but the beginnings of a script to consolidate two different Discourse instances has been created. I’m really looking forward to this existing. The current process of exporting and importing works but takes a fair bit of time to get right.

Full screen videos

This is a plugin built by the ProCourse team. :hugs: It allows embedded videos to be viewed in full screen without needing to navigate off of Discourse to do so.

Mark posts as read when emailed about them

Here’s an interesting plugin. It automatically triggers “read” status on a post when the user is sent an email about them. I’m not sure this is something I personally would use, but having the option is welcomed.

Add your own header links

This is a pretty common request. It was only a matter of time before someone put together a theme for it.

Blog on trust levels

I answer questions about trust levels on one out of every three calls I take about Discourse. There was a topic about on Meta for quite a while where I would direct people, but it feels more official to have a blog post on it.

“Upgrade All”

This button is gold! It’s one that I explored building a while back but never had the time to do it right. Thankfully, Osama pulled it off. Big thanks to the team on this one. :raised_hands:

Want a Discourse t-shirt?

This is open until June 29th. So jump in quick!

Mac Power Users

This is a shameless plug. The Mac Power Users podcast is one I’ve listened to for a long time. Well, I got to know David Sparks and had a conversation with him about moving his Facebook community for the show over to Discourse. He was very interested in the idea and this past week, we launched it! So if you’re into the show or have a interest in Apple gear, join in here: