Ways to Begin Contributing to Discourse Core


New Starter Tasks

The Discourse team recently marked a number of new tasks on Meta as “starter tasks,” or tasks best suited for individuals looking to get started on Discourse development. If you’re looking to contribute to core, here’s a great place to begin!

New Features in 2.2.0.beta3

The most recent beta release of Discourse has a number of improvements, including:

  • When users at Trust Level 4 flag a topic/post as spam, off-topic, or inappropriate, the post will immediately be hidden for moderator review.
  • The desktop category page has a new “boxes” style.
  • Account preference show devices recently used to log into Discourse.
  • Users can disable presence and profile from public view.

Plugin: Discourse GitHub

This new official plugin allows the ability to assign badges to users based upon GitHub contributions, linkbacks in GitHub when repos are mentioned in topics, and replacement of non-permanent links to files on GitHub to permalinks.

Plugin: Discourse Custom App Banner

If you have a custom iOS or Android app for your Discourse forum, this plugin will display an App Store/Play Store link at the top of your site to download it.

Theme Component: Smart Mobile Header

If you or your members have ever desired to see the topic title and category when scrolling on mobile, this theme component adds just that. It appears this feature will end up in Discourse core soon, but this theme component allows you to add it if you want it early!

Discourse Hosting Options

Knowing your options on where to host your Discourse instance is important. We recommend using Digital Ocean for self-hosting, but there are other options as well, as discussed and debated in this topic.

Smart Mobile Headers, Theme Development, and Google Groups