Winners of the Color Scheme Contest!


Winners! :tada:

Congratulations to everyone who participated and received accolades!

How do themes and theme components work?

This is becoming a super common question that I hear. “How can I have multiple themes enabled? Don’t you have to pick one?” So a big thanks to Johani for pulling together this detailed rundown of how the whole thing works. I now have a link to share when this question comes up. :+1:

Voice recording plugin

New plugins are always exciting to me. The more of them that exist, the better flexibility we find in using Discourse. And this voice recording plugin is one that I can see being useful for communities where a users verbal question is used in a podcast Q&A segment. But that’s my first thought on using it. I’m sure there are quite a few other uses I just haven’t considered.

A call for stories from community managers

Here’s a question posed by the team:

How did you come to the conclusion that your community would benefit from (and was in fact ready for) a forum platform?